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Washington University in St. Louis visits XJTU

Contact person: Release date: 2018-10-02

On the morning of August 9, 2018, vice president of the Washington University in St. Louis Kurt T. Dirks and his delegation visited XJTU. XJTU vice president Xi Guang met with the delegation, together with leaders from the School of Life Science and Technology, the School of Energy and Power Engineering and the School of Electronic and Information Engineering.

XJTU vice president Xi Guang introduced the general condition of XJTU and stating that XJTU is under a rapid development by taking the opportunities created by the “Belt and Road”. XJTU spares no effort in constructing the Western China Science & Technology Innovation Harbor, which will bring broad prospects in cooperation between both universities. He suggested that both XJTU and theWashingtn University in St. Louis could expand joint cultivation for undergraduate and postgraduate students, establish international laboratories,a nd carry out scientific research, etc.

Kurt T. Dirks said that both universities have already established good relationship in various fields and have great potential in further cooperation. Hopefully, he said that, both universities will seek in-depth cooperation in joint research, students training and influence enhancement.

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