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The physics of liquid light for quantum technology applications
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报告题目:The physics of liquid light for quantum technology applications

报告人:Alexey Kavokin, Chair Professor of Westlake University,Director of the International Center for Polaritonics




Exciton-polaritons are superposition light-matter quasiparticles that are formed due to the strong coupling of photons to elementary crystal excitations: excitons. They can be considered as quanta of liquid light, as they combine properties of electromagnetic waves and material particles, may form sroplets, vortices, solitons etc. In 2007, we have demonstrated the Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons. This discovery led to an avalanche of publications devoted to the physics and applications of polariton condensates. Nowadays, one of the most challenging applications is one for quantum computing. Recently, we have shown that circular currents in split-ring polariton condensates may be used as a base for the realization of polariton qubits characterized by very high figures of merit and operational at the room temperature. I will present the concept of a quantum network based on such qubits and will discuss the implementation of quantum protocols on a polariton platform.


Alexey Kavokin (born in 1970) received his PhD in physics from the Ioffe institute of the Russian Academy of Science. After a few years of postdoc he became a Professor at the Blaise Pascal university (France) in 1998. He was appointed a Chair of Nanophysics and Photonics at the university of Southampton in 2005. In 2018 Alexey has joined the Westlake university (Hangzhou, China) as a Chair Professor and Director of the International Center for Polaritonics. Alexey is a Honorary professor of the Vladimir State university (Russia) and Slavonic university (Armenia). In 2020 he received the international Quantum Device award for the Prediction of Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons at the room tempearure that led to the realization of polariton lasers.

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