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Highly Active Supported Catalysts
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报告题目: Highly Active Supported Catalysts

: Yoichi M. A. Yamada (山田阳一)教授

报告时间: 20191024日,星期四14:30



It is important to develop metalloprotein-inspired polymer-supported metal catalysts, ensuring catalytic activity, stability and reusability for safe, non-toxic, sustainable chemistry, and green organic synthesis. We have reported convoluted polymeric metal catalysts for organic transformation reactions, where a soluble linear polymer having multiple ligand groups is cross-linked with transition metals via coordinative complexation. Here, we report development of a highly active and reusable polymeric imidazole palladium catalyst MPPI-Pd. By using 0.28 mol ppm (0.000028 mol %) to 0.1 mol % of MPPI-Pd, the allylic arylation, the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction, and the Mizoroki-Heck reaction proceeded smoothly to give the corresponding coupling products in high yield. MPPI-Pd was reused without loss of catalytic activity.[1] This methodology was also applied to preparation of highly active copper catalysts[2] and others.[3,4]


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研究领域 非均相催化·光催化·绿色可持续化学·药物化学



1999东京大学博士(药学)导师:Masakatsu Shibasaki(柴崎正胜教授)

1999帝京大学助理教授, Shiro Ikegami研究组

2003美国Scripps研究所 研究员,K.C. Nicolaou研究组

2003日本分子科学研究所助教,Yasuhiro Uozumi研究组

2007日本理化学研究所(RIKEN) CSRS研究中心Deputy Team Leader, Yasuhiro Uozumi研究组

2018日本理化学研究所(RIKEN) CSRS研究中心Team Leader


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