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Development of New Catalytic Reactions Involving the Activation of Traditionally Inert Bonds
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应教育部物质非平衡合成与调控重点实验室邀请,日本大阪大学Naoto Chatani教授来我校进行交流并做学术报告,欢迎感兴趣的师生参加

报告题目:Development of New Catalytic Reactions Involving the Activation of Traditionally Inert Bonds

报 告 人:Naoto Chatani 教授,日本大阪大学

报告时间:20190909日(星期一)上午 10:00





Prof. Naoto Chatani


Ph. D. (March, 1984), M. Eng. (March, 1981), B. Eng. (March, 1979): Osaka University

Academic Carrier

1984-1989    Assistant Professor (with Prof. Terukiyo Hanafusa), Osaka University

1988-1989    Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign (Prof. Scott E. Denmark)

1989-1992 Assistant Professor (with Prof. Shinji Murai), Osaka University

1992-2003    Associate Professor, Osaka University

2003-present Full Professor, Osaka University

2007-present  Director of Research Center for Environmental Preservation 

2011-present  A member of Science Council of Japan

Recent Awards

Thomson Reuters: Young Chemist Award, Chemical Society of Japan (1991), Nagoya Silver Medal (2013), The Japan Research Front Awards (2016), The Chemical Society of Japan Award (2017), Humboldt Research Award (2017), Arthur C. Cope Scholars Award (2018), Sprague Lectureship in Organic Chemistry (University of Wisconsin) (2018)

Overview of Scientific Work

His research interests are primarily focused on the invention of new synthetic methodologies, with a particular emphasis on the design and development of novel catalytic system by taking advantage of unique features of transition metal complexes. Major progress has been achieved in the field of catalytic reactions via the cleavage of C-H, C-C, C-F, and C-O bonds.

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