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Chaos in a black-hole system and gravitational waves
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报告题目:Chaos in a black-hole system and gravitational waves

报告人:Kei-ichi Maeda教授(早稻田大学)




Astronomy has entered a new era since the discovery of the gravitational waves from coalescence of a black-hole binary at September 14, 2015. Gravitational Wave Astronomy will provide us new information about strong gravitational phenomena and new physics. For example, a formation process of a black hole, equation of state at very high dense region, gravitational theories, and so on.

In order to observe gravitational waves, we have used the templates of emitted gravitational waves from a black-hole binary. However, we may have more complicated system in nature, which may not be integrable. We may expect chaotic behavior in such a system, for which it is very difficult to make the templates.

In this talk, we discuss chaos in a system with black holes and the gravitational waves emitted such a system. We then look for some characteristic feature of the gravitational waves, which can be used in Gravitational Wave Astronomy.

We also discuss about a hierarchical three-body system with the Kozai-Lidov mechanism, which shows the oscillation between the eccentricity of inner binary and inclination. The evolution curve of the cumulative shift will be bended since the gravitational waves are emitted much more when the eccentricity becomes large. It gives the observational possibility of such a triple system.


Dr. Kei-ichi Maeda is a professor at Department of Physics, Waseda University (Tokyo, JAPAN). He obtained his PhD degree from Kyoto University at March1980. He was a visiting professor at Trinity College (2006) and Clare Hall (2012) in Cambridge University. His speciality is general relativity, relativistic astrophysics, and cosmology. He is interested in a broad range of gravitational phenomena and cosmology; many topics on black holes, gravitational waves, cosmological defects, inflationary universe, higher-dimensional cosmology, dark energy problem, cosmological structure formation, and so on.

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