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Come to Notre Dame: REU and Graduate Programs
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讲座名称: Come to Notre Dame: REU and Graduate Programs



人:Umesh Garg教授


Experimental Nuclear Physics

B.Sc., B.I.T.S., Pilani, India, 1972

M.Sc., ibid., 1974

M.A., S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, 1975

Ph.D., ibid., d1978

Research Interests

Prof. Garg’s current research interests include experimental investigation of compressional-mode giant resonances and exotic quantal rotation in nuclei.

Giant resonances are highly collective states of nuclear vibration. The compressional-mode giant resonances provide the only direct experimental measurement of the nuclear incompressibility, a fundamental property of nuclear matter that is crucial to understanding of a number of nuclear and astrophysical phenomena, including strength of collapse in supernovae explosions, collective-flow in high-energy heavy ion collisions, and properties of neutron stars—the “largest nuclei” that exist in nature. Prof. Garg’s group has been investigating the Isoscalar Giant Dipole Resonance, an exotic compressional-oscillation, also referred to as the “squeezing mode”.

The atomic nuclei exhibit a number of interesting and exciting phenomena at large angular momenta viz. shape transitions, quenching of superfluid behavior, order-to-chaos transitions, etc. These effects are studied through the g-ray de-excitation of the nucleus following heavy-ion reactions. In recent years, Prof. Garg’s group has investigated the exotic processes of chiral rotation (yes, the nuclei can be left- or right-handed!) and “anti-magnetic” rotation innuclei.

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