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Materials Selections for Aluminum-Ion Batteries with Much Enhanced Energy Density and Power Density
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报告题目:Materials Selections for Aluminum-Ion Batteries with Much Enhanced Energy Density and Power Density





We cannot see power and energy capacity, but we experience this couple in our daily life. When we drive a car, we can beef up the engine power by stepping on the gas pedal. But we cannot do this for long; otherwise, the gas tank will be emptied quickly. In other words, when the power goes up, the energy capacity goes down. Now the market is quickly diverting to electrical cars, will we experience the same thing in batteries? This question is now getting a positive answer with the work from Professor Li Tan’s group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While most batteries are running under a low power and therefore a high-energy-capacity mode, Li’s invention allows the batteries to run at both high power and high-energy-capacity mode simultaneously. A quick number can tell this, his battery can be charged to its full capacity in 0.3 sec! They demonstrated this record in so called aluminum-ion rechargeable batteries, where an aluminum alloy is used as the anode and a porous graphene network is the cathode. Minimum resistance at the two interfaces between the electrolyte and the electrodes is believed to cause such a high level performance. Besides, their batteries can be discharged and recharged for more than 45,000 cycles, without any loss in battery capacity.


谭力,1994和1997年于清华大学获得学士和硕士学位,2002年获得美国密西根大学-安娜堡分校博士学位。此后分别在密西根大学(2002-2003)和加州-戴维斯分校(2003-2005)从事博士后研究。2005-2010年任内部拉斯加大学林肯分校助理教授,现任内部拉斯加大学林肯分校机械与材料工程系副教授。研究方向包括分子自组装,水凝胶材料,超材料,和声电/微波传感器的设计与表征。获得了来自美国国家科学基金、陆军研究办公室、海军研究办公室、导弹防御中心和内部拉斯加州能源科学中心的资助。部分研究工作发表于Nature Communications,Advanced Materials, JACS, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Small, and Journal of Physical Chemistry。

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