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Nonequilibrium dynamics of isolated many-body quantum systems
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报告题目:Nonequilibrium dynamics of isolated many-body quantum systems

人:Prof.LF Santos, Physics Department, Yeshiva UniversityUSA




Due to their high level of control and isolation, new experiments with cold atoms and ion traps can study the coherent evolution of many-body quantum systems for long times. This has triggered significant interest in nonequilibrium quantum dynamics and the viability of thermalization despite isolation. In our studies, we have been able to describe numerically and analytically the entire evolution of some physical quantities, from the moment the many-body quantum system is taken far from equilibrium to the moment it reaches a new equilibrium. We unveil different behaviors at different time scales and show how information about the system spectrum can be extracted by the sole analysis of its time evolution. From the dynamics, we can also anticipate whether the system will or not reach thermal equilibrium.

Reference:1. Quantum Chaos and Thermalization in Isolated Systems of Interacting Particles,F Borgonovi, FM Izrailev, LF Santos, VG Zelevinsky, Physics Reports 626, 1 (2016)

2. "Generic dynamical features of quenched interacting quantum systems: survival probability, density imbalance and out-of-time-ordered correlator", E. J. Torres-Herrera, A. García-García, L. F. Santos, Physical Review B 97, 060303(R) (2018)

About Prof. Lea Ferreira dos Santos:

She obtained Ph.D. in physics from Universidade de São Paulo and carried the post-doc research at Yale University, Michigan State University, and Dartmouth College. In 2007, she joined the faculty of Yeshiva University. Currently, she is the Chair of the Physics Department, Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University. Her research fields cover many-body quantum systems, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics, thermalization, quantum transport, quantum chaos, spin systems, many-body localization, quantum phase transition, quantum control, dynamical decoupling methods, decoherence, quantum-classical transition.



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