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Strongly Facet-Dependent Properties of Semiconductor Crystals
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报告题目:Strongly Facet-Dependent Properties of Semiconductor Crystals



人:黄暄益 台湾清华大学化学系教授


From our years of research to synthesize metal and semiconductor nanocrystals with systematic shape control, the crystals have allowed us to examine their facet-dependent catalytic properties. We now also have a good understanding of factors controlling the particle shapes for crystals formed by redox reactions and precipitation reactions. From our studies on the various properties of Cu2O and other semiconductor crystals, we have discovered that they possess strongly facet-dependent photocatalytic activity, electrical conductivity, and light absorption properties. We come to understand through DFT calculations that all these phenomena can be explained due to the presence of an ultrathin surface layer with different band structures for different crystal faces ({100}, {110}, and {111}) and hence different degrees of band bending and barriers to semiconductor charge carrier transport. Recently we have shown that Si wafers also possess facet-dependent electrical conductivity properties that can be used to design new transistors. And semiconductor interfacial charge transfer is also strongly facet-dependent. We discovered that semiconductor materials possess facet-dependent optical properties also because of the presence of this thin layer, and has constructed a modified band diagram to explain the observations. Thus we have fundamentally changed current understanding of semiconductor materials. This is our main contribution. Review articles have been published to spread this knowledge. Of course, we also have efforts in supercrystal formation and facet-dependent organocatalysis.


黄暄益于1999年于美国加州大学洛杉矶分校获博士学位,后在美国加州大学继续攻读博士后学位,2002-2006年任台湾清华大学助理教授,2006-2010任副教授,现任台湾清华大学化学系教授。2004-2018年间在化学材料、纳米材料和功能材料等领域的国际期刊J. Am. Chem. Soc.Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.Adv. Funct. Mater.Nano LetterChem. Sci.等杂志发表SCI论文98篇,论文他引上千次。2011年汤森路透社(Thomson Reuters)公布的前100名材料科学家排行榜上排名第三。2012年获远东许氏科学技术纪念基金会杰出出版奖、台湾科学委员会杰出研究奖。2013年荣膺新加坡第十五届亚洲化学大会亚洲崛起之星。2014年~至今,成为“Chemistry–An Asian Journal”杂志编辑委员会成员,主要从事无机化学与材料化学研究。

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