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Nuclear fusion energy and the role of particle accelerators
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讲座题目:Nuclear fusion energy and the role of particle accelerators

讲座时间:11月19日 09:50 am-10:50 am

讲座地点:基础学科大楼B 835

报 告 人:Ingo Hofmann,GSI(德国重离子研究中心)


Nuclear power still plays an important role as energy source. Since the 1950’s also particle accelerators were considered to play a role in the development of nuclear energy, first as “breeder accelerators” to breed fissile uranium, later as “heavy ion fusion” to drive inertial confinement fusion as alternative to magnetic confinement fusion. More recently, the problem of long-living nuclear waste is much discussed in the Western world and in Asia. Accelerators as burners of such long-living waste are a possible answer and currently developed in several countries, with China playing a leading role. The perspectives of these developments are discussed.


Prof. Dr. Ingo Hofmann

Prof. Hofmann earned his PHD from Munich University in 1972 in the field of extraterrestrial plasma physics. In 1983 he joined the GSI heavy ion accelerator laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, where he was leading the accelerator theory division until his retirement in 2008. In 1992 he became a professor of physics in Frankfurt University. During his career he had extended research visits to the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA, in 1977-78, later to Los Alamos, USA, Tokyo University, Brookhaven Laboratory and CERN, Switzerland. He is currently a senior advisor to Darmstadt University and GSI.

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