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Quantum internet based on solid state qubits
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报告题目: Quantum internet based on solid state qubits

报 告 人:高炜博(新加坡南洋理工,助理教授)




Quantum information and quantum Technology has been a focused research development direction in many countries such as US, China and Europe. Long distance quantum communication and large scale quantum computation are difficult mainly due to the complicity of controlling many qubits and keeping their coherence. One way to tackle this problem is the development of quantum network or quantum internet. The ability to prepare, optically read out and coherently control single quantum states is a key requirement for quantum internet. Optically active solid state qubits have emerged as promising candidates with their prospects for spin-photon interface and chip-level integration.

In this report, I will introduce the concept of quantum network and the method towards its development. One direction is to use quantum dot, which has a good optical property in its emission but the coherence needs to be developed. The other direction is to use defects in wideband material, where many efforts are made towards tailoring its emission properties. I will give a report of recent progress on quantum dot, SiV, SiC and other possible candidates. At last, I will give a brief introduction of the fast growing physics department in Nanyang Technology University and introduce the PhD opportunities.


高炜博老师分别于2005年和2010年本科、博士毕业于中国科技大学,博士导师潘建伟院士。2010年至2014年在玛丽居里奖学金资助下在苏黎世联邦理工学院(ETH, Zurich)做博士后研究。2014年起以助理教授身份任职于新加坡南洋理工,同年获得新加坡国家研究基金会奖。高炜博教授的研究领域是基于固态量子体系的量子光学与量子信息。他在南洋理工的实验室有包括低温及强磁场测量等一系列先进研究设备。近年来,他的课题组在国际物理学顶级期刊上发表一系列重要论文,包括3篇Nature, 3篇Nature physics, 2篇Nature photonics, 2篇Nature communications, 2篇PNAS和6篇PRL。

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