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Exploring the Potential of Biopolymers in New Materials Development
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报告题目:Exploring the Potential ofBiopolymers in New Materials Development

报 告 人:Dr. Jiahua Zhu, Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The University of Akron




Biopolymer is one of the most abundant sustainable resources in our planet. Not only their valuable compositions, such as cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose, can be processed into value-added chemicals (e.g. biofuel), but also the unique structure and assembly pattern of these components make biopolymer a natural platform to design various functional materials. In this talk, Dr. Zhu will discuss the opportunities and recent progress on the topics of converting biopolymer into functional materials and exploring their potential in new materials development for specific applications. His talk in the first part will start from a brief introduction on biomass skeleton structure and then followed by a green processing of biomass into ultrahigh surface area mesoporous carbon that has been demonstrated exceptional capabilities in water purification and catalysis. In the second part, Dr. Zhu will brief the compositional advantages of lignin and the opportunities of utilizing lignin as effective lubricant additive for developing green lubricants. Lastly, engineering molecular interaction of biopolymers for thermal management applications will also be covered.


朱家华博士2006年本科毕业于扬州大学应用化学专业,2009年硕士毕业于南京工业大学化学工程专业,2013年博士毕业于拉马尔大学化学工程专业。2013年至今在阿克隆大学化学与生物分子工程系任助理教授。现任《PLOS One》学术期刊编委。研究方向包括纳米材料合成,聚合物纳米复合材料制备,导电导热高分子材料设计与合成等。先后获得国家优秀自费留学生奖学金,TMS青年学者发展奖和聚合物加工学会青年成就奖。主持多项科研项目,包括美国自然科学基金和美国化学会石油研究基金。担任Energy&EnvironmentalScience, Carbon, Langmuir, Chemical Communication等40余个国际通讯评审人。在先进功能材料(Advanced Functional Materials),能源与环境科学(Energy&EnvironmentalScience),绿色化学(GreenChemistry),大分子(Macromolecule)和ACS应用材料与界面(ACS Applied Materials & Interface)等期刊发表SCI论文100余篇,SCI引用4000余次,H因子37。

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