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英国华威大学Patrick R Unwin教授学术讲座通知(1)
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报告题目:New developments in electrochemical imaging: Revealing novel processes in chemistry, materials

                 science and biology

人:Patrick R Unwin教授    英国华威大学(the University of Warwick)





Electrochemical imaging methods, such as scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), have had a significant impact in electrochemistry and interfacial chemistry, allowing reactions and fluxes to be measured and mapped locally at a wide range of interfaces, from the physical to the life sciences. However, despite considerable effort, such methods have largely remained stuck with a resolution at the several µm scale at best. We have recently developed new techniques for electrochemical imaging, notably scanning electrochemical cell microscopy (SECCM), intermittent contact (IC)-SECM, and related methods, which allow us to examine surface reactions and processes with unprecedented spatial resolution, ultimately at the nanoscale. This talk will introduce these methods and show how they can be used to probe surface processes. A particular focus of our work is new forms of carbon, which are attracting immense interest for energy storage and conversion, and sensor systems. Our novel methods are providing considerable new insights on the intrinsic activity. The power of SECCM, in particular, is evident through recent exemplar studies of: single nanoparticles; different parts of single-walled nanotubes to develop a faithful picture of activity; graphene; graphite; and polycrystalline conducting diamond. In all cases, surprising new features are revealed that have been missed or misinterpreted in macroscale studies. Prospects for future uses of electrochemical imaging in the life sciences (including live cell imaging) and in materials characterization will be highlighted.







Patrick R. Unwin教授是英国华威大学化学系终身教授,在国际电化学领域享有很高的声誉,在发展各种新型纳米尺度的电化学成像技术和方法在生命科学和材料科学领域的应用方面做出了很多重要的贡献,如将纳米材料(纳米结构薄膜、纳米粒子、纳米管)与电化学技术相结合在电催化、电分析、晶体生长和膜传输方面的应用研究。Unwin 教授毕业于英国牛津大学,目前担任多个国际电化学领域核心期刊的主编和编委,如Electrochemistry Communications, Journal of Electroanalytical ChemistryProgress in Reaction KineticsAdvances in Physical ChemistryAnalytical Sciences等,以及6 个国际电化学协会的主席或委员会成员(包括英国皇家电化学协会和国际电化学协会电分析化学分支的主席),他还16次担任国际大型电化学学术会议的组织者,63次在国际电化学会议上做大会邀请报告。基于他在电化学领域的突出贡献和成果,14次获得由英国皇家化学协会和国际电化学委员会等颁发的各类奖项,如“Geoffrey Barker Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry(2010) , Best UK Research Group Award以及2010 年获得的“European Research Council Advanced Investigator奖章,成为第一位获得该奖项的欧洲电化学科学家。

  他和他领导的研究小组至今已在国际最具学术影响力的核心期刊,如Chemical Society Review, Annu. Rev. Anal. Chem., Angew. Chem. Int. EdJACS, Advanced Functional Materials, PNAS, Nano Letter , 上发表文章250 多篇邀请著作8总引用率达到6000 多次,H 因子达到39。另外,他所领导的研究小组与多个世界一流的电化学研究小组和企业建立了广泛的国际研究合作,承担英国政府与工业部以及欧盟资助的合作研究项目几十项,企业资助的科研款项超过300万英镑,并且很多研究成果和创新的实验技术被国际上的多个研究小组和工业界企业采用,如Unilever, GSK, BP, Syngenta, AveciaElement 6, Lubrizol等。


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