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英国华威大学Patrick R Unwin教授学术讲座通知(2)
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报告题目:Tips for writing a high impact academic paper

人:Patrick R Unwin教授   英国华威大学(the University of Warwick)





In this lecture, some of the key considerations in writing an academic paper of high quality and impact will be presented, from the initial outline draft to the final submission. Distinction will be made between full papers and urgent communications, which have different requirements. Elements of the submission process, such as the letter to the journal editor and dealing with referees’ comments will also be covered. The session will include time for attendees to raise questions and points for discussion. Gifts from Elsevier Journal company are also provided for attendees.




Patrick R. Unwin教授是英国华威大学 (the University of Warwick) 化学系终身教授,是世界著名的电化学和界面学专家。他毕业于英国牛津大学,目前是Elsevier杂志社编委之一,担任多个国际电化学领域核心期刊的主编和编委,如Electrochemistry Communications, Journal of Electroanalytical ChemistryProgress in Reaction KineticsAdvances in Physical ChemistryAnalytical Sciences等,以及6 个国际电化学协会的主席或委员会成员(包括英国皇家电化学协会和国际电化学协会中电分析化学分支的主席)。他和他领导的研究小组至今已在国际最具学术影响力的核心期刊,如Chemical Society Review, Annu. Rev. Anal. Chem., Angew. Chem. Int. EdJournal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Functional Materials, PNAS, Nano Letter , 上发表文章250 多篇邀请著作8(包括科学史著作一部),总引用率达到6000 多次H 因子达到39


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