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日本理化学研究所著名软材料专家Yoshihito Osada教授学术讲座通知
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Osada.jpg  目:        Artificial Muscles

Soft and Wet Nano-Machine of the Next Era

报告人: Prof. Yoshihito Osada

  :   20121016 10:00



  应理学院化学学科,物质非平衡合成与调控教育部重点实验室陈咏梅教授邀请,日本理化学研究所(RIKEN)著名软材料专家Yoshihito Osada教授将于1015-19日期间访问我校,并做学术交流活动。Yoshihito Osada教授是高分子水凝胶领域研究的世界著名专家, 2004-2007年任日本北海道大学副校长,2008年起任日本理化学研究所(RIKEN)基干研究所副所长,2009年聘为西安交通大学名誉教授。 Yoshihito Osada教授在智能高分子水凝胶研究领域做出了杰出贡献,在Nature等国际著名科学杂志上发表论文近300篇,是目前在该领域十分活跃的科学家。

  We developed a novel method to synthesize hydrogels with excellent mechanical performances by introducing a double-network (DN) structure composed of various combinations of hydrophilic polymers. The DN hydrogel exhibited fracture strengths as high as several tens of megapascals, i.e., up to ~100 kgf cm-2  which is almost equivalent to that of tendon. We also reported new-type of bio-machine reconstructed from the chemically cross-linked muscle protein: actin–myosin and microtubule-kinesin gels (Nanobiomachine) both fueled by an adenosine triphosphate(ATP). This might be the first man-made biomachine gels fueled by ATP, central interests of  life science now-a-days.




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